The Pineal Gland
The brain's pineal gland is a small, but very important, part of the human endocrine system. It controls, among other things, sleep and seasonal cycles. Many people know it by its other name, the third eye.
To view the
True Moon one must have a functioning pineal gland. This sounds easy enough. Unfortunately, most peoples' are horrifically damaged unbeknownst to them. 

This is due to fluoride. The fluoride poisoning our environment causes a catastrophic amount of psychic damage. The third eye's fragility comes from its location outside the blood-brain-barrier. Over time fluoride calcifies the pineal gland making it unusable.

Do not fear.

The effects of fluoride can be undone. Here at EtM, we are committed to guiding lunar revelers through the detoxification process. Please visit our Space Camp page for more information on how to get involved and get clean. 
The Lunar DoppelGanger 
So, what exactly are we looking at if it is not the moon? To put it simply, the common moon is a mass hallucination brought on by fluoride toxicity. The human brain is intrinsically connected to the True Moon. When the third eye is clouded, the mind resorts to imagining a moon instead.
Unlike what we are told, the True Moon is a hospitable environment for human life. However, it is fickle about who, and what, it allows on its surface.  Members of EtM are currently undertaking the ambitious goal of building a transport system capable of traveling to the True Moon.
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