When you gaze into the night sky, you are not taking in the True Moon, but an unnatural facsimile. To look at the True Moon is to look upon the face of a god. Most humans are not capable of beholding its power and there are many in positions of power that DO NOT want you to. 

The benefits that result in being receptive to the True Moon make someone a more difficult citizen to control. Basking in this lunar phenomenon imparts witnesses with greater intelligence, control, and strength. The moon has long been trying to warn us but, unfortunately, the citizens of earth have closed themselves off to its greatness.

EtM is bringing awareness to this issue. We here at Space Camp hope that once enough people rediscover the lost art of lunar reveling, a new chapter of humanity can begin. This is a future of transparency, understanding, and cooperation. Nothing can hide under the True Moon. No bureaucratic injustice can be cordoned away from the public. No culprits of trickery can hide in the shadows cast by their lies.

The only hope for humanity is to empower the moon.